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Publication scheme

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Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from the department. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information held by the Government. Information is grouped and accessible through seven classes:

About us
Who we are and what we do, including information about our organisation and its structure, governance arrangements, the Treasurer and our senior management team, and departmental contacts.

Our services
The services we offer, including advice and guidance, publications and newsletters, media releases, and information about the services and products we deliver.

Our finances
What we spend and how we spend it, including our financial statements, our financial management practices, grants we administer, and whole-of-Government financial information.

Our priorities
What our priorities are and how we are doing, including corporate and strategic plans, corporate management plans and annual reports.

Our decisions
How we make decisions, including reviews, decision making processes, guidelines and standards.

Our policies
Policies and procedures, including our corporate policies and policies and guidelines relating to our functions and responsibilities.

Our lists
Lists and registers that we are required to hold by law, as well as other lists and registers relating to our business functions.

How to access the information

Where this information is available online, you can access the information by:

  • browsing the classes of information shown above
  • searching for the information using this site’s search engine.

Some published information may only be available in portable document format (PDF). If you are unable to access this format, we will attempt to meet all reasonable requests to provide this information in an alternative format.

Where the information is not available online, you can request the information by contacting us. Relevant contact details are included in the publication scheme. Requests for printouts or for copies of documents may attract a charge. These currently are:

  • twenty cents per page for photocopying documents
  • five dollars for providing documents in electronic format on compact disc.

If you wish to access information that is not publicly available, you may need to submit a Right to Information application.

To find more about how we are improving access to our information, see the Right to Information section of this website.


You can lodge a complaint regarding our publication scheme in person, by phone, or by completing and submitting a complaint form. For more information, refer to the complaints page.

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Last reviewed 24 April 2014