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Gateway review process

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To assist agencies deliver programs and projects on time, budget and within quality constraints, the Queensland Government has endorsed the internationally recognised OGC Gateway™ Process (Gateway).

What is the Gateway review process?

Gateway consists of a series of short, intensive reviews (called ‘gates’) of a program or project at six key decision points in its lifecycle by a team of independent reviewers.

Gateway methodology is flexible and can be used for all programs and project types, including service delivery, property/construction, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled business change and policy initiatives.

Reviews are undertaken on behalf of the project owner and aim to help ensure that the investment is well spent, meets strategic objectives and achieves value-for-money outcomes.

Nominating a program or project for a Gateway review

Programs and projects may be nominated for a Gateway review:

Treasury’s Gateway unit may also approach project owners to discuss the benefits of undertaking a Gateway review.


Gateway review process guidelines are available to provide project owners and review teams with guidance on the Gateway review process and their roles.

Becoming a Gateway reviewer

The selection of an appropriately skilled and experienced Gateway team is critical to the success and effectiveness of Gateway reviews.

Reviewers need to demonstrate a high level of skill and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • program and/or project management
  • business analysis
  • procurement
  • operations
  • specialist areas such as financial analysis, law etc
  • managing business change.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited Gateway reviewer in Queensland, you should:

  1. complete Gateway Review team member training (a one day workshop provided by BTLi Pty Ltd)
  2. after completion of the training, complete a nomination form (Word 415 K) and forward with your curriculum vitae to

Applicants considered suitable for a future appointment to a Gateway review team will be recorded in our database and may be contacted as Gateway review opportunities arise in Queensland. 

If you wish to become a Gateway reviewer outside Queensland, you will need to complete separate registration processes with other jurisdictions.

Please email Treasury’s Gateway Unit at if your contact details change or if you no longer wish to be recorded in our database of potential reviewers.

Further information

For further information on Gateway in the Queensland Government, contact:

Gateway Unit
Queensland Treasury
Phone: (07) 3035 1832

Gateway was originally developed by the United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in 2001 and its success has seen it applied by the Australian, Victorian, New South Wales, Western Australian and New Zealand governments and the Brisbane City Council.

To find out more about Gateway in other jurisdictions, visit:

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Last reviewed 15 April 2014