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Privacy complaints and review

If an individual believes that Queensland Treasury and Trade or a member of its staff has not dealt with their personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs), a complaint may be made to the Department. The complaint must be in writing and set out what occurred and what the person considers is the breach of the IPPs. The complaint should be made as soon as possible after the incident and in any case within six months from the date when the breach was suspected to have occurred, and should include as much detail as possible about the incident.

The Privacy Contact Officer can provide more information about complaint handling procedures. The Privacy Contact Officer's telephone number is +61 7 3035 1863 or email

Complaints must be forwarded to:

Privacy Contact Officer
Queensland Treasury and Trade
GPO Box 611
Brisbane Qld 4001

Complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 10 business days. Queensland Treasury and Trade will process each complaint within 45 business days from receipt and will advise the complainant of the department's complaint investigation outcome, including any remedies that are considered appropriate to resolve the complaint.

If a complainant does not agree with this outcome, the complainant may apply in writing to the Privacy Contact Officer for review of the initial decision and outcome. Applications for review should be made in writing within 20 business days of the complainant receiving the initial complaint decision.

A person who has not previously been involved in the matter will conduct the review. The review will be completed within 20 business days of receipt of the application and the complainant notified in writing of the outcome.

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Last reviewed 26 November 2013