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Annual reports

Queensland Treasury's Annual Report is an integral part of our corporate governance framework and is one of the main tools we use to ensure we are accountable to the Queensland Parliament and the community about our activities.

ClimateSmart Implementation Plan

Treasury's ClimateSmart Implementation Plan outlines the strategic processes by which Treasury will manage its motor vehicle fleet, so that it successfully meets commitments set under whole-of-Government greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Complaints management guidelines

These guidelines provide guidance and outline the process for managing complaints that fall within the scope of Treasury’s Complaints Management Policy.

Complaints management policy

Queensland Treasury's Complaints Management Policy outlines how the department will manage written or verbal complaints received from its internal or external stakeholders abouts its service delivery, products and services.

Corporate policies and forms

Provides Queensland Treasury and Trade's employees with access to the department's corporate policies, guidelines, procedures and forms.

Corporate policy register

This register identifies Queensland Treasury's corporate policies.

Corporate Services organisational chart

This organisational chart identifies Corporate Services' branches and work units and their reporting relationships to the Executive Director, Under Treasurer and Deputy Under Treasurer.

Disability Service Plan

This plan aims to improve access by people with disability to Treasury's services, information and facilites.

Financial Management Practice Manual

The Financial Management Practice Manual sets out mandatory procedures and internal controls relative to Treasury's revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and contingencies.

Gifts and benefits register

The gifts and benefits register shows gifts and benefits valued at more than $150 that have been given and received by Queensland Treasury and Trade and its employees.

Government Asset Protection Framework

The Treasury Government Asset Protection Framework (GAP Framework) outlines Treasury’s approach to addressing terrorism-related risks as part of the Queensland Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Guidelines for applicants

Information on applying for a job in Queensland Treasury and Trade, including information about the department, how to apply, the selection process and employment conditions.

Ministerial Portfolio Statements

A Ministerial Portfolio Statement (MPS) provides an overview of the key strategies and achievements of a Minister's portfolio, including details of agency outputs and financial statements.

Portfolio Services Strategic Plan 2008-10

The Portfolio Services Strategic Plan highlights the future directions and key priorities for Portfolio Services over the next two years. It includes general information about the portfolio office, as well as its business priorities and capability priorities.

Public interest disclosure policy and management plan

Public interest disclosures are an important facet of Treasury's ethical framework. By disclosing instances of fraud, misconduct or corruption, we can help maintain public trust.

Queensland Treasury and Trade organisational chart

This organisational chart identifies Queensland Treasury and Trade's divisions and their reporting relationships to the Under Treasurer.

Queensland Treasury and Trade Strategic Plan

Queensland Treasury's Strategic Plan highlights the future directions and key priorities for Treasury over the next five years. It includes the department's primary objectives and challenges, strategies and performance indicators.

Service Delivery Statements

The Service Delivery Statements (SDS) provide budgeted financial and non-financial information of the portfolio for the Budget year. The Service Delivery Statements are published on the State Budget website.

Treasury ICT Strategic Plan 2011-14

Queensland Treasury's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategic Plan sets the strategic direction for the department's ICT.

Workforce transition codes of practice - assets sale program

This page provides the workforce transition codes of practice for Forestry Plantations Queensland, the Port of Brisbane and Queensland Motorways.

Last reviewed 27 August 2013