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Industry and sectoral analysis

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Treasury's economic analysis provides a thorough understanding of the performance of key industries in the State and identifies potential risks to these industries. Economic assessment of specific initiatives, projects and policies helps inform Queensland Government strategies for economic development.

Information about particular industries and sectors is available as part of Treasury publications:

  • Queensland Economic Review (monthly) - a monthly publication (previously published quarterly) which replaced the monthly Queensland Economic Update (QEU) in August 2005. The monthly Queensland Economic Review provides:
    • a brief summary of a range of economic and financial indicators
    • analysis and commentary on selected economic and financial indicators relating to the international, national and Queensland economies
    • informative feature articles addressing current economic issues and discussing various elements of the performance of the Queensland economy.
  • Queensland Economic Update (discontinued) - a monthly publication discontinued and replaced by the new monthly Queensland Economic Review publication from August 2005. This series provides generally what is now included in the monthly QER, with the exception of the (post-QSA) 'Queensland Economy in Review' editions.
  • Annual Economic Report - detailed information on the performance of the major components of the Queensland economy over the past financial year. Includes analysis of the sectors which have contributed to Queensland’s economic performance such as consumption and investment, trade and the labour force.
  • Briefs - current information about specific economic indicators.
  • Queensland State Budget - budget papers contain information about initiatives that assist development of particular industries and sectors.

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Last reviewed 14 July 2010