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Queensland Treasury's Regulatory Simplification Plan

Queensland Treasury’s Regulatory Simplification Plan outlines initiatives to reduce unnecessary legislation and regulation and streamline processes in Treasury.

Treasury’s efforts form part of the Queensland Regulatory Simplification Plan 2009-13, which outlines how the Government will review existing Queensland regulation to achieve a cost saving of $150 million per year by the end of 2013.

Other agencies are also developing their own plans with the aim of giving time and money back to business, community and government to invest in pursuits that promote productivity, facilitate innovation and increase competitiveness.

Key initiatives in the plan

  • Simplification of lodgement requirements for duties by self assessors supports more efficient matching of duties payments and transactions for both self assessors and government, and promotes e-payment arrangements.
  • National electronic conveyancing aims to reduce the regulatory burden on business and government by developing a single online system for completing real property transactions and lodging land title dealings.
  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance reform banned the payment of commissions and other associated inducements on the CTP product to intermediaries, and increased consumer awareness of their ability to exercise choice in their CTP insurer. Broadly, these reforms provided savings of $70 million per year for Queensland motor vehicle owners.

Comment on Treasury’s Regulatory Simplification Plan

We are seeking your input to inform future directions and development of regulatory reform initiatives to ensure they deliver significant and tangible benefits to business, community and government.

An abridged version of Queensland Treasury's Regulatory Simplification Plan is provided for public comment.

How to comment

  1. Read the abridged Queensland Treasury Regulatory Simplification Plan (PDF 55 K).
  2. Submit your comments online by visiting the Agency Regulatory Simplification Plans consultation page on the Get Involved website.

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Last reviewed 23 September 2013