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Project Assurance Framework

The Project Assurance Framework is the foundation for ensuring that project management is undertaken effectively across Queensland Government agencies. It aims to deliver value for money from the significant investment in infrastructure projects.

The Project Assurance Framework is a whole-of-government project assessment process. It establishes a common approach to assessing projects at critical stages in their life cycle. It aims to maximise the benefits returned to government from project investments.

The Project Assurance Framework (which captures the Value for Money Framework) outlines the minimum standard for project initiation, evaluation, procurement and assurance across Queensland Government agencies.

The Project Assurance Framework is characterised by:

  • good planning
  • effective scoping and resourcing
  • realistic expectations of outcomes
  • strong management support.

The Project Assurance Framework comprises the following suite of documents.

Policy overview

Guidance material

Supplementary guidance material

Last reviewed:
6 August 2012