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Regulatory reform and competition policy

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Treasury aims to ensure efficient regulatory frameworks are used in Queensland to promote efficient allocation of resources to facilitate competition, investment, innovation and economic growth. It achieves this by providing leadership on regulatory policy through the design of regulatory frameworks, participation in regulatory processes including national and state reviews of regulatory frameworks, and by providing advice to Government on trends in regulation and impacts of regulation on effectiveness of markets and options for improvement of regulatory/market design.

Economic regulation significantly influences the structure and efficiency of Queensland's industries and markets. Without effective regulatory frameworks and well-functioning markets, the potential for competition and innovation, essential prerequisites to economic growth, can be hindered. The competitiveness of existing industries may also be affected.

Competition policy encompasses a range of measures designed to promote competition including:

  1. removing anti-competitive restrictions in legislation
  2. restructuring industries
  3. reform of Government businesses.


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Last reviewed 26 November 2013