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Government-owned businesses policies and guidelines

In addition to requirements under the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993, such as preparing a Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI), Corporate Plan, and Employment and Industrial Relations Plan, the following represents a list of other Queensland Government policies and guidelines that currently affect Government-owned businesses.

Title Date File type Link
Code of Practice for GOC Financial Arrangements August 2009 pdf download (110 K)
Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry (Department of Justice and Attorney-General website) August 2013 - view
Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Guidelines September 2008 pdf download (50 K)
Corporate Governance Guidelines for Government Owned Corporations February 2009 pdf download (220 K)
Cost of Capital Principles - Government Owned Corporations February 2006 pdf download (210 K)
Government Owned Corporations Release of Information Arrangements January 2010 pdf download (65 K)
Guidance for Chief Executive Officers - Agreement Making and Industrial Relations in Government Owned Corporations February 2010 pdf download (45 K)
Guidelines for Export of Services by GOCs April 2013 pdf download (80 K)
Guidelines for the Issue of Harbour Towage Licences April 2010 pdf download (20 K)
Investment Guidelines for Government Owned Corporations April 2013 pdf download (105 K)
Government Owned Corporations Guidelines for Joint Venture Agreements April 2013 pdf download (95 K)
Key Shareholder Requirements for Constitutions April 2014 pdf download (165 K)
Local Industry Policy: A fair Go for Local Industry (Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website) March 2013 pdf download
Queensland Port Government Owned Corporations - Local Government General Rates Equivalents Regime: Guidelines for Assessment, Collection & Payment* June 2000 pdf download (35 K)
Supplementary Remuneration Disclosure Requirements June 2013 pdf download (70 K)


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Last reviewed 4 April 2014