About us

“Treasury’s vision is to grow the Queensland economy and improve the wellbeing of all Queenslanders.”


Treasury’s strength in fulfilling our vision is drawn from the public service values of:

  • customers first
  • ideas into action
  • unleash potential
  • be courageous
  • empower people.

These values are a foundation for Treasury’s business of providing trusted, impartial and influential advice for the economy and state finances by:

  • enabling sustainable growth that supports current and future government objectives
  • partnering proactively to facilitate better outcomes for the community
  • ensuring services are tailored, fit-for-purpose and easy to access  developing a capable and flexible workforce that can lead in policy development and service delivery.

The Queensland Government’s Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities guide Treasury’s work.


As a central agency, Treasury leverages a government-wide perspective to provide advice and services to clients, and partner with agencies for better outcomes in the economy and state finances, revenue and commercial services.

Read more about Treasury’s services:

  • Economic and fiscal coordination
  • Agency performance
  • Commercial services
  • Revenue management

in the service reports.

Statutory and other bodies

Treasury’s work is complemented by the following bodies:

  • Cross River Rail Delivery Authority
  • Motor Accident Insurance Commission
  • Nominal Defendant
  • National Injury Insurance Agency (Queensland)
  • Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Queensland Competition Authority
  • Queensland Productivity Commission

These organisations produce their own annual reports.


The diverse ways in which Treasury helps to grow the Queensland economy are reflected in its range of clients, such as:

  • the Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, who is supported to:
    • create jobs in a strong economy
    • give all our children a great start
    • keep Queenslanders healthy
    • keep communities safe
    • protect the Great Barrier Reef
    • be a responsive government
  • government agencies with whom we partner to meet their infrastructure and procurement needs
  • the business and non-government sectors, with whom we partner for investment and service delivery opportunities
  • first homebuyers
  • taxpayers and fine debtors,

as well as relationships with business, industry, academia and other key stakeholders.

Changes for Treasury

In early 2019, Treasury took on responsibility for the government’s response to native title compensation. A Native Title Compensation Project Management Office was established to develop a framework that will be fair to native title holders, consistent across claims, and achieve settlement of compensation on ‘just terms’.

Last updated: 23 March 2022