Agency performance

Partnering for service delivery

Treasury’s role is to support line agency performance and public policy development by:

  • providing economic and fiscally responsible public policy analysis and advice to agencies to support government priorities
  • partnering with agencies to optimise performance, balancing service delivery within budget parameters
  • managing and coordinating intergovernmental financial relations issues  managing whole-of-government banking and payment services contracts.

Key issues in our environment

Treasury’s operating environment is influenced significantly by decision making and negotiations in the national arena on funding for key sectors of the economy. Population growth, demographic change and technological developments all also affect communities’ infrastructure and service delivery needs.

Treasury plays a key partnering role in delivering the Queensland Government priority of reducing emissions and increasing the take-up of renewable energy. This will involve working with the Department of Environment and Science and other agencies to develop a Green Paper on climate change for public consultation, outlining a range of options for responding to this issue.

Feedback on the Green Paper will be used to develop a White Paper, setting out the optimal path to achieving the objectives.


Partner proactively to facilitate better outcomes for the community

2018–19 provided many opportunities to work with agencies to advance the government’s priorities. Treasury focussed strongly on ensuring the delivery of the government’s capital program to meet community service needs and create jobs. Other examples of Treasury’s work with agencies included:

  • working with justice agencies and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet to support a whole-of-government focus on reforming the Queensland criminal justice system
  • significant building and construction industry reforms under the Queensland Building Plan, implemented by the Department of Housing and Public Works.
  • supporting the state’s continuing transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme with strategic policy and financial advice, in partnership with agencies
  • partnering with the Department of Education to finalise a new agreement with the Australian Government for funding for Queensland schools from 2019 to 2023
  • working with Queensland Health on the long-term agreement with the Australian Government for funding for health services beyond 2019–20
  • working with the Department of Environment and Science to develop the Waste Disposal Levy which will be instrumental in changing waste management in Queensland. By discouraging disposal of waste to landfill, the levy will discourage the transport of waste into Queensland and encourage investment in job-creating reuse, recycling, bioproducts and waste-to-energy industries
  • working with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy to continue reforms to resource safety and health, particularly in response to the recommendations of the Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis (CWP) Select Committee Inquiry into the re-identification of CWP among coal workers in Queensland.


Enable sustainable growth that supports current and future government objectives

Advocating for Queensland’s interest in Commonwealth–State financial relations

Treasury takes a lead role in managing and coordinating intergovernmental relations, including national funding agreements, and securing a fair share of GST revenue for Queensland.

In 2018–19, Queensland successfully advocated, in collaboration with other jurisdictions, for the Australian Government to legislate a ‘no worse off’ guarantee alongside their other changes to the GST distribution system. This will ensure that, as states transition to the new system from 2021–22, Queensland (and other states and territories) will not receive less GST revenue than under the current system.

Treasury also led the state’s response to the Commonwealth Grants Commission’s five-yearly review of the GST distribution system. This involved presenting a comprehensive submission on Queensland’s position on horizontal fiscal equalisation and hosting the Commission in August 2018 as it met with departments and regional service delivery staff.

Native title compensation

During the year, Treasury assumed responsibility for developing the government’s response to issues of native title compensation.

The High Court’s 2019 decision in the Timber Creek compensation case paved the way for native title holders across Australia to claim compensation for native title rights.

Treasury is developing a framework that will be fair to native title holders, consistent across claims, and achieve settlement of compensation on ‘just terms’.

Last updated: 27 September 2019