Statistics and Mathematics

Areas of Treasury

Queensland Government Statisticians Office (QGSO) – QGSO ensures government resources achieve value for money, are directed to services that improve the quality of life of the community, and are delivered efficiently and equitably. QGSO provides a broad range of services to support national, whole-of-government and agency policies, programs and service delivery decisions.

Economics and Fiscal Coordination – delivers whole-of-government economic, fiscal, revenue, financial management, accounting, policy and reporting services to the Under Treasurer, Treasurer and Cabinet Budget Review Committee; oversees the development of economic forecasts and whole of government fiscal estimates; provide strategic economic policy advice, economic impact modelling and data to inform public policy and decision making across the Queensland Government to promote economic growth and job creation; provides advice on employment and skilled migration; manages the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office and associated responsibilities.

Graduate entry roles

Statistician – assists in processing, analysing and reporting of surveys and administrative data; provides timely and accurate statistical information to clients; assists in the design, development and implementation of statistical information systems, statistical surveys and predictive models; and uses information systems such as SAS, R, Excel, Oracle.

A graduate for this role would need to have completed a number of quantitative/statistics subjects as part of their qualification. Degrees could include Science, Mathematics and Statistics. Previous experience in undertaking research assistance/analysis, as well as using statistics software (e.g. R, SPSS, SAS & STATA), is also an advantage.

Last updated: 28 November 2019