RTI Disclosure log

The disclosure log details Right to Information Act 2009 requests received by Queensland Treasury. Information that is non-personal in nature is made available for general public use. However, certain information may be withheld.

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Note: where pages are blank as a result of decision-making processes, these pages are not included on the disclosure log. 


2016 disclosure log


Date Ref Others Information requested Details
25 January 2016 619 N/A

Any documents analysing, documenting and/or considering the environmental and rehabilitation obligations of the Queensland Nickel and full cost of undertaking such works.  The documents should include any decision made by the department or the Minister as a result of such consideration or analysis.

Date range: January 2015 to present.

Application currently being processed.

25 January 2016 618 N/A

Documents about economic and financial modelling and cost-benefit analysis related to the medium and long-term future of the NSI economy and community following the cessation of mining operations in 2019 and any consideration and/or decision made by the department or the Minister as a result of such modelling and/or analysis.  Such documents should include any impact on:

  • Discretionary spending;
  • Employment;
  • Small business;
  • Mine suppliers;
  • Housing market and prices;
  • Infrastructure (energy, roads, water, transport (ferry) education);
  • Movement of existing population from NSI;
  • Potential for future private sector investment.

Date range: June 2014 to present.

Application currently being processed.