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How we connect with you

We use various means to communicate with our clients about their obligations and entitlements. This can come through assessment notices, emails, letters, phone calls, SMS, flyers and, in certain cases, face-to-face visits.

We also understand today’s growing need to protect your personal and financial information, so we take all necessary steps to ensure this. To give you confidence that communication from us is genuinely from Queensland Revenue Office, look for the following:

  • Assessment notices and letters—Our correspondence should display the Queensland Government crest, ‘Queensland Revenue Office’ (or ‘Office of State Revenue’) and our contact details.
  • Emails—Any email correspondence from us should come from the Queensland Treasury domain ‘’. Similarly, any links to online information should go to a Queensland Government URL (ending with ‘’).
  • Phone calls—Caller ID or smartphones may display our calls as unknown or from a private number. Our officers will identify themselves and the reason for the call.
  • SMS—Any links in an SMS from us should go to a Queensland Government URL (containing ‘’).

But in the interests of maintaining your online security, you may want to search for the information described in an email or SMS separately in your internet browser if you are not confident that the links provided are safe. You can find our content at:


To improve our services, we seek honest feedback from Queensland tax, duties and royalty payers about their experiences with us. We use web-based surveys to source this feedback.

Every year, we conduct a satisfaction survey in July and August. We also run surveys about a specific service or interaction with us. You will be invited to participate in one of our surveys by email, or occasionally by letter or at the end of a telephone call. A survey email from us will always come from the Queensland Treasury domain


If we are contacting you to make payment, we will direct you to the payment options available. We will not demand payment in any other form (e.g. gift cards).


If we are contacting you about a refund payable to you, you can submit an EFT refund application form to us by post or email to be certain that your information is being sent to a government agency.

More information

At any time, you can confirm our communications are genuine by using our online enquiry form or calling 1300 300 734.

You should always be cautious about sharing your financial details because scams are designed to obtain and exploit this information. Find out more about:

Last updated: 4 March 2022