Queensland budget

Queensland Treasury prepares the Queensland Budget for the government every financial year. It is normally tabled by the Treasurer in State Parliament in early June.

The budget outlines the government’s revenue and expenses for the coming year, provides an overview of the state economy, and details the priorities the government will deliver.

The Queensland Budget website provides access to all budget papers and related information. Budget papers from previous years (2000-01 onwards) can also be accessed from the budget website.

Treasury also reports on the state’s finances at mid-year review and at the close of the year with the Report on State Finances.

How the money is raised



Contribution Source
48% Australian Government grants revenue
24.8% state taxes such as stamp duties, payroll tax and land tax
10.3% the sale of goods and services, such as fees charged by public colleges, sale of publications, and camping permits
7.7% other revenue, 80% of which is mining royalties, and the remainder from items such as fines and driver licences.
4.8% interest on invested cash – primarily from superannuation, long service leave, and insurance funds.
4.3% tax equivalent and dividend payments from Government-owned corporations.

 How the money is spent



Contribution Source
27% Health
23.5% Education
11.7% Transport and communications – including roads, ports and aviation
10.7% Community services, including social welfare, housing, and disability services
8.7% Public order and safety – including police, fire protection, law courts and prisons
5.2% Economic services – services to help grow industries such as tourism, forestry, mining, agriculture and energy
12.6% Other services – mainly activities provided by Treasury, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Department of Housing and Public Works


In 2014-15, Queensland’s revenue is forecast to be $50.12 billion. Almost half of this revenue is from Australian Government grants (including GST), with 25 per cent from state taxes, such as stamp duties, payroll tax and land tax.

Health and education usually make up about half of Queensland’s budget expenditure. Queensland’s expenses are budgeted to be $49.933 billion in 2014-15.