Industrial Relations Policy and Regulation

Industrial Relations Policy and Regulation (IRPR) delivers industrial relations regulatory compliance services to Queenslanders and provides IR policy advice to the State Government on the operation of Queensland’s industrial relations system and the national workplace relations system to support fair and safe work.

IRPR has operational responsibility for the following Acts:

  • Industrial Relations Act 1999
  • Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990
  • Holidays Act 1983
  • Anzac Day Act 1995
  • Child Employment Act 2006
  • Private Employment Agents Act 2005
  • Pastoral Workers Accommodation Act 1980
  • Workers Accommodation Act 1952

The Industrial Relations Act continues to regulate the state public sector, local government employees and the employees of a number of statutory authorities.

Regulation of the labour hire industry in Queensland

The Queensland Government continues to be concerned about the exploitation and mistreatment of labour hire workers. In response, it is seeking the views of stakeholders about its proposal for regulation of the labour hire industry in Queensland.

Trading hours review

On 31 August 2016, the Queensland Government approved Terms of Reference for a review of Queensland’s retail trading hours to assess the appropriateness of the current trading hours’ regulation and address anomalies in trading hours’ arrangements considering challenges facing small and large business, workers and the community and to promote job creation and business growth.

Industrial Relations Legislative Reform

A report of the Industrial Relations Legislative Reform Reference Group was provided to the Queensland Government on 23 December 2015. The process for the review included a public consultation process and the release of issues papers. The public consultation period has now closed.