Government renewal

Improving prosperity for Queenslanders through renewal and reform

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that Queensland’s public service is the best public service in Australia.

The Queensland Government’s renewal program is driving change in the Queensland public service, encouraging people to work more efficiently, more productively and smarter. It is also streamlining government processes, cutting costs and time for business, industry and Queensland families when they deal with government.

Queensland Treasury and Trade (QTT) is playing a central and ongoing role in government in increasing government’s productivity through renewal and reform activities. We are progressing renewal on three fronts:

  • We are renewing ourselves internally to improve QTT service delivery.
  • We are leading a number of cross-agency initiatives to find better ways to deliver better services for Queenslanders. Our whole-of-government banking program, that is aimed at making transacting with government easier, and our regulatory reform program, which is about improving the economic environment for businesses, are examples of how we are doing this.
  • We are responsible for implementing 33 recommendations from the 2012 Independent Commission of Audit aimed at improving Queensland’s financial strength.

Treasury’s renewal priorities

QTT has several major renewal programs underway. These include: