Brisbane International Cruise Terminal

Extending South East Queensland’s tourist reach

Brisbane is set to welcome its first dedicated mega cruise ship terminal with construction underway on the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd’s (PBPL) $158M Brisbane International Cruise Terminal at Luggage Point on the north side of the Brisbane River.

Project Value

$158 million


Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd

Procurement stage



Privately funded


Privately financed

Project delivery (if approved to proceed):


Project information

The Brisbane International Cruise Terminal will be a $158 million, long-term, dedicated cruise ship facility on underutilised and undeveloped land at Luggage Point on the north side of the Brisbane River.

As cruising gains popularity, global trends show that cruise ships are getting larger and longer; and Brisbane provides the ideal starting point for short cruises to Northern Queensland and the South Pacific as well as being a popular tourist destination and jumping off point to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. The non-exclusive, common use facility will cater to the new generation of mega-cruise ships longer than 270m, which are currently required to berth at temporary facilities at the grain berth on Fisherman Islands, which does not provide passenger and luggage handling or efficient transport logistics for passengers.

The cruise terminal will serve as an important piece of transport infrastructure for Queensland; maximising the state’s share of the cruise ship market, increasing tourist numbers, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy.

The terminal building will be built to accommodate some of the world’s most luxurious mega cruise ships and proposed design will create a pleasant, intuitive and memorable experience through holistic consideration of the passenger’s journey from the ‘kerb to cabin’.

The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL), is well placed to deliver the project, having experience in providing and maintaining port infrastructure and facilities for a highly diversified trade base, including for mega ships which currently berth at Fisherman Islands.

The Brisbane International Cruise Terminal will support an average of 245 jobs per annum over its two-year construction period, as well safeguarding the existing 1,250 jobs related to the cruise industry in Brisbane and adding 49 operational jobs on average each year over the next 20 years.

MLP Strengths

Unique competitive advantage:
The site is adjacent to the Port of Brisbane and will mean the Port of Brisbane can leverage its existing facilities, systems and expertise.

Queensland will be able to maximise its share of the cruise ship market and capture the economic advantages of additional travellers to the state.

Community need:
PBPL will provide a dedicated, long term solution for South East Queensland to accommodate mega cruise ships longer than 270m, inclusive of the required deep-water frontage, existing swing basin and proximity to the heart of Brisbane.

Unlocking underutilised and undeveloped land for the project will provide substantial economic benefits, with the project expected to generate an additional net expenditure increase of approximately $1.3 billion (net present value) over 20 years.

Cost/risk allocation:
The project will be privately funded, with no financial contribution required from the state.

Last updated: 25 October 2017