SeaLink Strand Terminal

Extending Townsville’s tourist reach

The Queensland Government and SeaLink are exploring an exciting tourism opportunity in Townsville to develop a new ferry terminal and integrated transport hub.

Project value

$56 million (estimated)


Privately funded




Privately financed

Procurement Stage

Stage 2: Detailed Proposal stage of the Market-Led Proposal process

Delivery period


Project information

SeaLink is proposing to develop a new ferry terminal and integrated transport hub to be known as the Strand Terminal on Port of Townsville land within the Townsville Priority Development Area (PDA) at a value of approximately $45 million. The project will be delivered at no cost to the State Government or local ratepayer.

They are also proposing to build two new ferry passenger vessels in Queensland at a value of approximately $11 million.

The Stage 2: Detailed Proposal will be developed during the next twelve months and if approved, the project could commence construction in 2019-20 and is proposed to support an average of 83 jobs during its 18-month construction period.

MLP Strengths

Unique competitive advantage:

SeaLink’s current contracts with TransLink for ferry services to Magnetic and Palm Islands do not expire until December 2018.  Approval of the MLP allows SeaLink to begin its detailed planning immediately with a view to commencing construction in 2019-20.

Government priority:

The proposed Strand Terminal is located within the Port of Townsville and will upgrade the tourism infrastructure of the site. The Port of Townsville has been identified by Government as a Priority Development Area (PDA). Revitalisation of the Townsville PDA is a key objective of the Townsville City Deal and was noted as a priority within the State Infrastructure Plan.

Approval of the Strand Terminal supports Government’s strategy for advancing tourism in North Queensland which includes investment in infrastructure – with specific reference to developing cruise ship and other tourism maritime infrastructure.

Progression of the proposal could encourage the development of Magnetic Island as a sustainable tourism destination and would support Tourism North Queensland’s Destination Tourism Plan

Last updated: 17 August 2017