Queensland – the place for biomedical investment

With a strong and diverse economy that’s primed for continued growth, investing in Queensland is the best business decision you will ever make.

A strong health response to COVID-19 accelerated Queensland’s economic recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

We are now driving the state’s next phase of growth and are encouraging and supporting increased private sector investment into the economy. Through our partnerships with industry, we’re supercharging economic development and creating a new generation of jobs for Queenslanders.

To encourage increased diversity and sustainability across the economy, supporting investment and initiatives across the wide scope of opportunities in the health and biomedical industries is a key priority.

Invested in Queensland

Under the flagship Queensland Jobs Fund, the $520 million Invested in Queensland program is unlocking new investment through partnerships with the private sector.

The Invested in Queensland program prioritises investment support through two investment schemes.

Available to medium and large organisations, the schemes seek to attract high value and investment-ready projects that offer strategic, long-term economic benefit.

Strategic Investment Scheme

The Strategic Investment Scheme provides tailored assistance packages to local, interstate and international businesses with significant projects. The large-scale projects should result in significant economic benefits to Queensland in terms of creating new jobs and wider supply chain and industry benefits. Projects may include new investments, significant expansions or supply chain capability enhancements. The scheme is targeted towards industry segments of strategic value based on Queensland’s natural and competitive strengths.

Investment Support Scheme

The Investment Support Scheme provides major projects with rebates on payroll tax and other state-managed taxes. The scheme incentivises international and interstate businesses that have proven capability, to invest in Queensland through a transfer or expansion of operations. It is also open to Queensland-based companies considering reinvestment with a contestable investment decision.

Learn more about the Invested in Queensland schemes and their eligibility criteria

Recent investment partnerships in the health and biomedical sectors include key projects with:

  • Aspen Medical Manufacturing
  • Australian Biotherapeutics
  • BGI
  • Metagenics
  • Neogen Australasia
  • Stryker
  • Belgotex
  • Imaging Solutions
  • MCP Australia
  • Wear Optimo

Hear from Paula Hann, Managing Director of Metagenics Australia and New Zealand on how they have expanded their capabilities with support from the Queensland Government.

So Why Queensland? Learn more about the many competitive advantages that a Queensland location offers to  significant projects and future-focused companies looking to take their business to the next level.

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Last updated: 24 October 2022