Projects & infrastructure

Artist’s impression of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

Artist’s impression of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

About Projects Queensland

Investing in major projects and infrastructure that addresses an identified public need is a great way to get the economy moving, while also providing necessary services to Queenslanders. While investment in infrastructure is vital, it’s also essential to make sure that any investment of public funds minimises risk and cost to government while maximising outcomes.

Projects Queensland, a specialist business unit within Queensland Treasury, is responsible for achieving this on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Infrastructure procurement

Projects Queensland procures all high-risk and high-value (over $100 million) infrastructure on behalf of Queensland Government agencies, ensuring that public needs are met while minimising the amount of money the government needs to spend. It’s part of Treasury’s responsibilities to ensure Queensland’s finances are properly managed.

Projects Queensland does this by undertaking best-practice procurement processes, which reduce project development time and costs, and by engaging the private sector to invest in the state’s infrastructure through public-private partnerships.

Learn more about the infrastructure projects Queensland has procured and the innovative ways it has partnered with the private sector.

Standard road projects, or those without the potential to attract private finance, remain the responsibility of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, with Projects Queensland undertaking an advisory role, where required.

Infrastructure procurement framework

Projects Queensland is also responsible for the infrastructure procurement framework that governs all infrastructure investment by the Queensland public sector, and for providing advice to Queensland Government agencies about using this framework.

Evaluating unsolicited proposals

Projects Queensland also evaluates all unsolicited proposals for government agencies, in line with the criteria set out in the Infrastructure procurement framework.