Stage 3: Final binding contract

stage 3 final binding contract

About this stage

If a proposal is approved to move to Stage 3: Final binding contract the government will contract exclusively with the proponent without going through a competitive tendering process. At this stage, the government, through the project team, and the proponent will negotiate final terms and conditions. The government will:

  • advise the proponent of the process and protocols for the development of the contract
  • engage appropriate expert advisors (e.g. legal, financial and technical)
  • advise the proponent of any elements for negotiation and agreement in preparation of the contract
  • develop contract management arrangements, setting out how to monitor implementation and operational stages of the project and ensure contracted outcomes are achieved
  • prepare a report for relevant minister/s advising the outcome of the assessment and seeking a decision on next steps.

In some circumstances the proponent may be responsible for preparing the final binding contract. In this instance the government will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the contractual documentation submitted by the proponent.