Stage 1: Preliminary proposal

About this stage

Stage 1 - initial proposal

Following informal discussions, if the proponent wants the idea to be considered formally they submit a short outline of the proposal (around 10 pages) using the Stage 1: Initial proposal form (Word 85 K).

The MLP team will bring together subject matter experts from across government to form an assessment team that is tailored to the proposal. This assessment team will undertake an initial assessment of the proposal against the criteria and make a recommendation to the MLP panel whether the proposal should progress to Stage 2: Detailed proposal. During Stage 1 the proponent may be asked for further information and/or may make a presentation to the assessment team.

Once the panel has reviewed the recommendation/s made by the assessment team, a brief will be submitted to the Treasurer and any other relevant minister/s. For example, a health-related proposal will be sent to the Treasurer and the Minister for Health.

All information, including the nature of the proposal, is treated by government as confidential.

Possible outcomes

The MLP panel may recommend to the relevant ministers that:

  • the proposal is suitable to proceed to Stage 2: Detailed Proposal, subject to any specific terms to be agreed with the government
  • the proposal does not meet the MLP criteria but may be suitable for consideration under another government initiative
  • the proposal does not meet the MLP criteria but may be of interest to government and suitable for a competitive bidding process which the proponent can participate in


  • the proposal does not meet the MLP criteria and is not suitable for further consideration.

Discussions at the pre-submission stage are intended to give proponents the best opportunity to align their proposal to the MLP framework and submit a preliminary proposal which meets the MLP criteria.

The proponent will be advised in writing about the outcome of the assessment once the relevant minister/s have approved the panel’s recommendations. If the proposal is not progressed as a MLP the proponent will be offered the opportunity for detailed feedback from the MLP team.

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