About this stage

MLP pre submissionMLP team at Queensland Treasury determine if the idea is of interest to the government and is likely to meet the MLP criteria. The MLP team will provide advice to the proponent to help them shape their idea. Proponents may be asked to complete the pre-submission form (Word 85 K) (2-3 pages) to help articulate the idea.

During this stage the proponent may have multiple discussions with the MLP team to ensure that the government understands what is proposed and to fine tune their idea. It is not expected that the proponent will undertake significant work at this stage.

If required and with the proponent’s consent, the MLP team may consult other government agencies about the idea.

The proponent will be given detailed written feedback on their proposal which will help them consider whether to proceed with the submission of a Stage 1: Initial Proposal. The feedback will advise the proponent of any major policy misalignments, existing or imminent procurement activities, and any major gaps in the proposal, especially the proposal’s ability to address the key criteria (alignment to government priority, value for money, and evidence of unique competitive advantage). Written feedback can also be supported by a discussion if the proponent wishes.

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