Market-led proposals teams

Who you’ll be dealing with

Over the course of the MLP process proponents will engage with a range of teams assembled to progress a MLP and work with proponents. The below diagram shows what teams you will engage with at each stage of the MLP process. The make up and roles of these teams are outlined below.

mlp teams

MLP team/MLP secretariat

The Queensland Treasury MLP team has primary responsibility for administering the MLP framework. The team is usually the first point of contact for a proponent (through the MLP phone number or email address), and works closely with colleagues across government to provide coordinated feedback on pre-submissions and assess Stage 1 proposals. The team also provides the secretariat function for the MLP Panel.

MLP assessment team

An assessment team of cross agency experts is established for each Stage 1 proposal. The team provides advice and recommendations on the proposal to the MLP panel.  

MLP panel

The MLP panel provides oversight of the application of the MLP assessment guidelines (PDF 790 K). It considers the advice of assessment teams and makes recommendations about market-led proposals to government. The MLP panel comprises senior government officials. The current standing members are:

  • Deputy Under Treasurer, Commercial Projects, Queensland Treasury, Graeme Garrett, (Chair)
  • Director-General, Department of State Development, Michael Schaumberg
  • Deputy Director-General, Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Darren Crombie
  • Executive Director, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Nick Dowie
  • Deputy Under Treasurer, Commercial Advisory, Queensland Treasury, Warwick Agnew (observer).

The panel is supplemented with additional agency representation as needed, depending on the nature of the proposal.

Government project team

A cross agency project team is established for each MLP which progresses to Stage 2. The project team manages the day to day relationship with the proponent, coordinates government activity, and undertakes the evaluation of the detailed proposal and the final negotiations. The project team provides advice and recommendations about the proposal to the project board.

Project board

A cross agency project board is established for each MLP which progresses to Stage 2.  It considers the advice of the project team and makes recommendations about the proposal to government.