Educating drivers and making our roads safer

Educating drivers and making our roads safer

  • Project value:

    Construction costs estimated at $15 million

  • Proponent:


  • Procurement stage:

    Stage 2: Detailed Proposal stage of the market-led proposal process

  • Funding:

    Privately funded

  • Finance:

    Privately financed

Mount Cotton driver training centreThe government’s aging Mount Cotton driver training centre will be transformed into a first-class driving centre of excellence and a world-class innovation hub for government, education and industry groups to research, design and test new vehicle and road safety technologies, if a proposal from the RACQ gets the green light.

RACQ proposes to take over the centre, which is located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, from the government and invest $15 million in its development to promote driver safety and have a positive impact on road accidents, injuries and deaths.

With its long history of delivering a range of driver training and safety initiatives to frontline essential services, organisations and individuals, its 1.6 million membership base, and its network of car manufacturers and hire car companies, RACQ is in a unique position to operate the facility.

RACQ will now undertake further due diligence into the site and prepare a Stage 2: Detailed Proposal for final government consideration.

MLP strengths

Unique competitive advantage:
The RACQ has a history of providing driver training and safety initiatives, is member-owned and has a strong network to drive increased usage of the facility.

Community need/government priority:
Driver safety is important to the community and government.

Cost/risk allocation:
Funded by RACQ, which will invest $15 million to upgrade the facility.

“The MLP process is a great initiative by the government. It’s been efficient and professional and there is clearly a willingness by government to make things happen.”
Group CEO, RACQ, Ian Gillespie