Delivering the Government’s priorities

Treasury’s outputs help deliver a strong, green, fair, smart and healthy Queensland in line with the Queensland Government’s Toward Q2 Plan.


We contribute to the Queensland Government's ambitions... ...and targets for Queensland... ...through our diverse portfolio offices and their outputs

Treasury Office

Financial and economic policy and advice

Office of Government Owned Corporations
Managing Government’s
investment in the GOC sector

Office of Economic and Statistical Research
Economic, statistical and social research

Office of State Revenue
Managing State taxes and grants

Corporate Services
Corporate support and business development services

Creating a diverse economy powered by bright ideas

Queensland is Australia's strongest economy, with infrastructure that anticipates growth.

Increase by 50 per cent the proportion of Queensland businesses undertaking research and development or innovation.

Delivering financial and economic policy and advice to foster infrastructure development and whole-of-Government fiscal and economic strategies.

Providing funding for initiatives and infrstructure that will benefit the sustainability and prosperity of Queensland's economy.

Maximising the value of the Government's investment in Government-owned corporations.

Advising the Treasurer on policies to promote economic efficiency and flexibility.

Taking a targeted and proactive approach to financial and revenue management systems and practices, and developing people to support innovative business practices.