Our organisation

Our structure (featured below as at 30 June 2010) is organised into portfolio offices, with each office producing the outputs that help deliver contemporary, accountable and responsive government, economic success, growth in our cities and regions, and safer communities in line with the Queensland Government's priorities.

  • State Parliament
    • Treasurer
      • Under Treasurer
        • Deputy Under Treasurers
          • Portfolio Offices
            • Treasury Office - Financial and economic policy and advice
            • Office of Economic and Statistical Research - Economic, statistical and social research
            • Office of Government Owned Corporations - Managing Government's investment in the GOC sector
            • Office of State Revenue - Managing State taxes and grants
            • Corporate Services - Corporate support and business development services
          • Statutory authority
            • Motor Accident Insurance Commission
    • Stakeholders
      • Queensland Government agencies
      • Other levels of government
      • Business
      • Community