What we do

In 2009-10, our diverse responsibilities and services included:

Managing a strong economy and financial position

Our fundamental role is to manage the State’s finances, advance the performance of the Queensland economy, and provide policy, strategies and advice at a whole-of-Government level to promote value-for-money service delivery.

Managing Queensland’s interests in Government-owned corporations

We manage the State’s interest in the Government-owned corporations (GOCs) sector to maximise the Government’s return on investment while ensuring reliable, efficient and secure service delivery; delivering market-like returns to shareholders; and adhering to corporate governance guidelines and statutory requirements.

Delivering economic and statistical research to inform Government decision making

Treasury provides the service of the Queensland Government’s principal economic, statistical and social research agency. It provides statistical, economic and demographic services to improve planning, decision making, policy development, performance evaluation and resource allocation for Queensland.

Delivering efficient and equitable State taxation

We manage Queensland’s revenue base by delivering and administering simple, efficient and equitable revenue management services for State taxes and grant schemes.

To ensure we remain on track to deliver real benefits to Government and communities, our outputs are measured by specific performance indicators and are reported in the output sections of this report.