We've changed our name: the Office of State Revenue is now Queensland Revenue Office

About QRO

Queensland Revenue Office (QRO)—formerly the Office of State Revenue (OSR)—is part of Queensland Treasury. We are responsible for collecting state taxes and royalties, and administering home owner grants. The State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER)—a division of QRO—is responsible for collecting and enforcing unpaid fines and penalties.

The revenue we collect provides almost $16 billion in income for Queensland. We put this money back into roads, schools, hospitals and health services, as well as art galleries and community events. This helps to grow our economy and improve the wellbeing of all Queenslanders.

We’ve changed our name

In Queensland, we’ve been the Office of State Revenue since 1991, when the Stamp Duties and Land Tax offices combined. Since then we’ve grown and taken on more responsibilities to collect revenue, manage state taxes and administer grants—all to help grow the Queensland economy.

This year, we changed our name from the Office of State Revenue (OSR) to Queensland Revenue Office (QRO). Our new name better reflects who we are and what we do in collecting revenue to allow the government to provide essential services for Queenslanders.

Also, we have an increasing number of clients who operate across multiple states and territories and they tell us it is difficult to distinguish between different revenue offices. The new name identifies us as the revenue authority for Queensland.

How this is happening

We’ve started to make changes.

  • Online content—you’ll see online references change pretty quickly. But if you notice any we’ve missed, contact us to let us know!
  • OSR Online—we’ll be renaming our portal to QRO Online in early 2022. All links to the portal will take you to the right spot. The new link will be qroonline.treasury.qld.gov.au.
  • Forms—all our forms are being updated and will be available at Queensland Government Publications. We hope to have this completed in early 2022. If you’ve saved forms to use offline, make sure you download the latest version with our new name.
  • Fact sheets and other publications—we will be updating these and uploading to Queensland Government Publications over the coming months.
  • Correspondence—any letters, emails and text messages from us will clearly show that the sender is Queensland Revenue Office or QRO.

What this means for you

You don’t need to do anything, except be assured that we will continue to uphold our client charter and look after the Queensland economy.

If you have any documents with OSR branding that you have saved offline, you can always get current versions from Queensland Government Publications. If you have any queries, send us an email using the online enquiry form.

State revenue information

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Last updated: 3 December 2021