The Treasurer’s Unclaimed Monies Fund

The Treasurer’s Unclaimed Monies Fund (TUMF) is responsible for managing:

  • all uncollected gaming money across Queensland
  • any uncollected money that was transferred over to TUMF from other Queensland Government agencies before October 2010.

TUMF is administered by Queensland Treasury.

The money in TUMF will be held in perpetuity, waiting to be paid to a person (via the government department the funds originated from) who can prove to the Treasurer’s satisfaction that the money being claimed is the property of that person.

You may have unclaimed money if you have changed your name or moved.

Where does the money in TUMF come from?

All money that was transferred to TUMF prior to October 2010 (except for gaming money) came from:

  • Queensland businesses
  • Queensland Government departments (e.g. hospitals, schools and correctional facilities)
  • Queensland trust account holders (e.g. real estate agencies, solicitors and nursing homes)

All unclaimed gaming money (e.g. from casinos, keno, pokies etc.) is also held in TUMF.

How can I make a claim?

If you want to claim money that is:

  • not gaming-related, and
  • was uncollected from October 2010 or later

you will need to contact the Public Trustee Queensland. Please click here for more information.

In all other cases:

  1. Contact the Queensland Government agency you believe the unclaimed funds originated from.
  2. Provide satisfactory evidence that you are entitled to the funds you intend to claim, e.g. a stale cheque.
  3. If you believe the funds you intend to claim came from Queensland Treasury directly, or you are unsure of which government agency to contact about your claim, please contact:


Queensland Treasury

P: 07 303 51482


Verified claims will be paid to the claimant by EFT via the Queensland Government agency the funds originated from.

Last updated: 8 July 2022