Queensland Sustainability Report

The Queensland Government is integrating sustainability considerations into its decision-making processes and taking proactive actions to manage sustainability risks and opportunities through policy initiatives to build a resilient and sustainable future for Queensland.

The Queensland Government is committed to providing up to date, detailed, transparent financial and non-financial information related to sustainability management, reinforcing accountability to the community and stakeholders.

Queensland Treasury prepares and publishes an annual Queensland Sustainability Report to:

  • outline the Queensland Government’s approach to managing sustainability risks and opportunities, including governance structures supporting policy, oversight and implementation
  • provide information on the Queensland Government’s major commitments and policies addressing sustainability risks and opportunities
  • describe how the Queensland Government measures, monitors and manages sustainability risks and opportunities.

Refer to the full report and the accompanying dataset and data dictionary for details.

2023 Queensland Sustainability Report

2023 Queensland Sustainability Report (February 2024)
2023 Queensland Sustainability Report dataset (Excel) (February 2024)
2023 Queensland Sustainability Report data dictionary (February 2024)

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Last updated: 20 February 2024