What we do

Queensland Treasury’s vision is a strong economy for all Queenslanders. Our purpose is to drive government priorities through our expert advice and services.

Grow the Queensland economy and create jobs

As a central agency, Treasury drives the government’s plan to grow the Queensland economy and jobs in line with the government’s economic growth priorities and longer-term economic strategy.

To grow the economy and create jobs, our role includes:

  • influencing and incentivising private sector investment to improve competitiveness and productivity
  • attracting and stimulating investment in priority industries
  • ensuring well-researched policies and strategies that further the productivity and sustainability of a vibrant Queensland economy
  • enhancing Queensland’s policy influence and position through effective intergovernmental relations.

Deliver fiscal sustainability

Treasury maintains and manages the state’s balance sheet to support delivery of the government’s priorities. Our role is to deliver a fiscal strategy to support the Charter of Fiscal Responsibility in managing the state’s financial risks and opportunities. A key responsibility is maintaining and continuing to improve the state’s revenue base through best practice revenue collection, grants management and fine administration and penalty debt management.

We assess and implement budget strategies to improve outcomes, agency and corporation performance, deliver fiscal sustainability, and guard against future shocks. We also support the development of, and leverage, the government’s capital program to support economic growth and productivity. As a central agency, we partner with agencies to plan and prepare for the successful delivery of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games within agreed funding parameters. We also demonstrate the state’s commitment to environmental, social and governance sustainability.

Drive public sector improvement

Treasury continues to drive improvements in government businesses and services for all Queenslanders by supporting the delivery of innovation and efficient and effective services. Our agency continues to drive Queensland public sector transformation.

The Queensland Treasury Strategic Plan 2023-2027 details the shared vision and values that guide our work and defines strategic objectives, appropriate strategies for delivering on those objectives, and performance indicators to measure the extent to which they are achieved over time. It also considers strategic risks and opportunities that can hinder or help us achieve the objectives.  

Last updated: 14 February 2024