Gateway reviews (assurance)

Depending on the capital costs or risk associated with a project, a project’s progress and quality may be assessed via a series of gateway reviews by independent reviewers. These reviews help ensure that the project (and associated investment) meets strategic objectives and achieves value for money.

In 2001, the United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) developed and implemented the OGC Gateway™ Process (Gateway) for application across major government programs and projects. The Queensland Government has endorsed the use of Gateway for major infrastructure programs and projects.

Gateway reviews employ a small team of independent experts to examine major programs or projects at key decision points. They help identify opportunities to improve the delivery of programs and projects and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Updates to the Gateway guidance materials

The Gateway suite of documents have been updated and from January 2020, the following changes apply:

  • Changes to two Gate names to better reflect their timing and intent as follows:
    • Gate 2 is now Business case (formerly Readiness for market); and
    • Gate 3 is now Contract award (formerly Investment decision).

There is no change to the overall objective, or suggested topics or examples of evidence, outlined in the workbooks for each of these Gates.

  • A new rating system for the Gateway reports, including a:
    • Delivery Confidence Assessment (based on a five-point scale), which considers the project or program’s ability to deliver outcomes or benefits against its agreed objectives, and whether it will be delivered to time, cost, scope and quality; and
    • Three-point scale for each of the review recommendations to reflect their urgency and criticality.

Organising a review

Programs or projects may be nominated for a Gateway review by:

  • project owners
  • agency Directors-General or Ministers
  • as part of the program or project approval process.

The Gateway unit, within the Commercial Group, facilitates the establishment of review teams for projects. Project owners should contact the Commercial Group to discuss their requirements for a Gateway review.

Becoming a reviewer

The selection of an appropriately skilled and experienced Gateway review team is critical to the success and effectiveness of Gateway reviews. Reviewers need to demonstrate a high level of skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • project management
  • business analysis
  • procurement
  • operations
  • specialists with professional backgrounds such as financial analysis and law
  • managing business change.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited Gateway reviewer, you will need to:

Contact the Gateway unit


Last updated: 28 March 2023