Strategic Workforce Plan

QT Strategic Workforce Plan 2022-26 – Downloadable PDF

The Queensland Treasury Strategic Workforce Plan 2022-26 outlines how we are equipping our workforce for the future to deliver our strategic purpose: to drive government priorities through our expert advice and services. It aligns with our strategic plan and whole-of-government workforce objectives including the 10-year human capital outlook.

To achieve our objectives, Treasury’s workforce plan has four areas of focus.

Talent acquisition Talent shortages, changing workforce expectations, and the rise of technologies means we need to lift our talent attraction and retention strategies
Leadership and capability Grow and develop management, leadership, data and digital capabilities – embrace modern approaches to learning – develop frameworks for the management of leadership pipelines – embed training needs analysis to drive learning and development strategies
New ways of working To be effective in an increasingly complex and connected world we need to act differently, embrace flexibility and operate in more agile, collaborative ways, and recognise that relationships are a key to success
Culture Technological change, along with shifting expectations of customers, community and employees requires a culture that supports and rewards our people to – foster inclusiveness, harness diversity, and enhance wellbeing for greater innovation and performance
Last updated: 24 November 2022