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The Consolidated Fund Financial Report contains particulars of transactions and balances of the Consolidated Fund and details of collections from, and appropriation paid to, each Department (including adjustments to original appropriation). The most recent report is the Consolidated Fund Financial Report – March 2022.

Gifts or benefits accepted by a public service employee remain the property of the agency unless the accountable officer for the agency determines it is appropriate for the recipient to retain the gift or benefit. Employees must declare given or received gifts and benefits and the agency must ensure that reportable gifts or benefits have been declared and published online within reportable timeframes.

The Under Treasurer’s Register shows gifts and benefits valued at more than $150 that have been given and received by Queensland Treasury and agency employees in a financial year. Items of cultural significance have been reported regardless of their value. The register is updated each quarter.

Queensland Treasury (Treasury) is committed to the values of the Queensland Public Service and to recruiting and retaining the best people for the job. We hope the information in this guide helps you better understand the recruitment and selection process and with the preparation of your application.

Treasury is at the heart of the Queensland Government, providing world-class economic advice and financial services. We are responsible for driving better financial and economic outcomes for Queensland, so Queenslanders can prosper now and into the future. Working in a central agency, our people develop solutions that have lasting impact on prosperity for Queenslanders.

These draft annual financial statement requirements include the Minimum Reporting Requirements and assist agencies in the preparation of their financial statements. The requirements provide updates on new and revised accounting policies and standards and additional guidance and advice on the application of such policies and standards.

Agencies are requested to provide any feedback on the Draft 2021-22 Financial Reporting Requirements to Queensland Treasury via by Friday 6 May 2022.

The Non-Current Asset Policies for the Queensland Public Sector (NCAP) on this web page are mandatory for departments and statutory bodies (for reporting periods beginning on or after 1 July 2021). It is expected that agencies will adopt processes for their circumstances and operational characteristics.

Please note that only NCAP 1 and NCAP 3 have been updated for 2021-22. The remaining NCAPs (2,4,5,6 and 7) are unchanged from those issued in June 2021 and continue to apply.

The Queensland Treasury Strategic Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan outlines the department’s waste management practices. It has been developed in accordance with the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 and the State’s waste management strategy: Waste – Everyone’s responsibility: Queensland Waste Avoidance and Resource Productivity Strategy (2014-2024).

A public ruling, when issued, is the published view of the Commissioner of State Revenue (the Commissioner) on the particular topic to which it relates. It therefore replaces and overrides any existing private rulings, memoranda, manuals and advice provided by the Commissioner in respect of the issue(s) it addresses.

Where a change in legislation or case law (the law) affects the content of a public ruling, the change in the law overrides the public ruling—that is, the Commissioner will determine the tax liability or eligibility for a concession, grant or exemption, as the case may be, in accordance with the law.