Seeking access to documents detailing any mention of exemptions, requests for changes to legislation, or checks or verifications made into compliance with the State Financial Institutions and Metway Merger Facilitation Act 1996. That includes provisions in the act that the articles of each Metway group company must, at all times, require:

 a) the head office of the company to be located in Queensland;

 b) the managing director to be ordinarily resident in Queensland;

 c) principal operational offices for certain personnel being located in Queensland (chief financial officer, chairperson, etc)

 d) principal operational offices for company services (information technology management, human resource management, etc) be located in Queensland.

 The documents we seek include any briefing notes or executive summaries either created by or sent to the Treasurer’s office in relation to the above matters.

 Timeframe:1 September 2019 to 25 July 2022

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