Budget & finance

Queensland Treasury's primary role is to manage Queensland’s finances to best support the state’s growing economy.

Treasury advises government on the state’s fiscal and economic position and provides decision makers with a solid evidence base for policy development.

Treasury is creating an environment for growth by balancing the budget, reducing debt and increasing productivity, while embracing the Queensland Government’s agenda for renewal.

Each year, Treasury prepares the Queensland Budget, valued at around $50 billion — which is on track to deliver a fiscal surplus by 2015-16. Treasury also reports on the state’s finances at mid-year review and at the close of the year with the Report on State Finances.

Queensland’s finances are managed in alignment with the government’s fiscal strategy and its four core principles.

Treasury leads financial management across the Queensland Government and provides transparent financial and commercial advice to government to achieve better value-for-money for taxpayers.

At a national level, Treasury provides advice and analysis to government to ensure Queensland receives its fair share of federal funding in GST payments and other intergovernmental funding arrangements.