The Queensland economy

A diversified economy

Queensland has a modern, diversified economy, underpinned by strong sectors including agriculture, resources, construction, tourism, manufacturing and services.

Over the past two decades, Queensland's economic growth has generally exceeded the national average.  With large LNG projects moving to production and export, the economy has entered a period of transition which is expected to see Queensland continue to outstrip national growth over the years ahead, with growth b oosted by the ramp-up in LNG exports.

The Queensland Government is committed to strengthening the productive capacity of all sectors of the Queensland economy and improving prosperity for all Queenslanders. We are working to enable each sector to flourish and drive sustainable long-term growth.

Qld Agriculture Sector

Queensland's Agriculture Sector

Qld Resources Sector

Queensland's Resources Sector

Qld Construction Sector

Queensland's Construction Sector

Qld Tourism Sector

Queensland's Tourism Sector