The Queensland Critical Minerals and Battery Technology fund is supporting local company AnteoTech in its mission to revolutionise the design of lithium-ion batteries.

The Brisbane-based company is working on the development of silicon dominant anodes that will boost battery performance.

Silicon anode lithium-ion batteries showcase superior characteristics including lower cost, increased energy density, faster charging times and reduced weight.

AnteoTech’s proprietary ultra-high silicon anode formulation has been shown to be scalable, with an initial production run of anodes containing 70% silicon instead of the usual graphite.

This positions the AnteoTech enhanced batteries as an ideal choice for a wide range of applications including electric vehicles, consumer electronics, medical devices and grid storage.

The fund’s $1.39 million of support will help AnteoTech accelerate its $4.38 million internal project and take the company from prototype stage through to a ready commercial design and support the creation of 4 new scientific jobs.

AnteoTech battery testing

Last updated: 3 April 2024