Australian conglomerate Aspire42’s move to Queensland will allow them to further expand and diversify their business thanks to Queensland Government support.

Over the next five years, Aspire42 will establish their corporate headquarters on the Gold Coast delivering 280 new, full-time jobs. This will include their executive and finance teams, a centralised call centre, procurement and fulfilment teams, and information technology and support teams.

The company’s current range of businesses include online consumer finance brand Snaffle, home services provider Local Expert, small business lending, and health and wellness company Madison Health.

This is a great example of the value of our investment attraction programs are delivering for Queensland, as they unlock greater private sector investment into job-creating projects in the Sunshine State.

Wayne Richardson, Managing Director of Aspire42 tells us why the Gold Coast appealed as the best location for their new corporate headquarters.

Last updated: 28 December 2022