Mort & Co

Major expansion works at Mort & Co’s beef feedlot in the Darling Downs were completed thanks to support from the Queensland Government.

Mort & Co’s operation at Grassdale, west of Toowoomba, is now Australia’s largest operational feedlot, with capability to turnoff upwards of 200,000 cattle per annum.

The expansion project has created more than 60 new operational jobs, exceeding initial forecasts from the company and will help to further drive economic activity throughout the Darling Downs region.

In line with the expansion, Mort & Co brought online their own gas-fired power plant, a move that allows them to meet their individual power requirements and become a net exporter back into the grid.

Mort & Co also established a new fertiliser pellet manufacturing facility. In a first for the Australian beef industry, the innovative technology can convert over 60,000 tonnes of manure into high-value granulated fertiliser pellets.

This process provides the feedlot with an environmental solution to waste issues, while also generating a new form of revenue for the company.
For all this incredible development, Mort & Co received recognition through the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards in the categories of Agribusiness, Food and Beverages in 2021 and Regional Exporter in 2022.

Last updated: 14 November 2022