Environmental, Social and Governance

The Queensland Government is a steward of Queensland’s abundant natural, human and capital resources for future generations. It acknowledges the increasing expectations of the global community to demonstrate its approach to considering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk factors and sustainability issues in its decision making. Queensland is well-positioned to mitigate risks and capture opportunities presented by environmental and social challenges today and into the future. Ongoing engagement with investors and stakeholders on sustainability issues is key to focusing our efforts.

Queensland Sustainability Report 2021

Queensland’s sustainability report provides information on the State of Queensland’s ESG commitments and outcomes, and provides:

  • information on identified ESG focus areas
  • the policies supporting the management of the focus areas and relevant reporting data
  • public non-financial data for a broader range of relevant ESG factors.

Queensland Sustainability Report 2021

Queensland Sustainability Report 2021 dataset (Excel)

Queensland Sustainability Report 2021 data dictionary

Previous reports

Queensland’s Commitment to positive environmental, social and governance outcomes, February 2021.

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