Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland

The Queensland Government is proposing a new policy for mine rehabilitation outlined in a discussion paper, Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland (PDF 4,425 K).

The paper was developed in response to the recent review of Queensland’s financial assurance framework (PDF 1,570 K) conducted by Queensland Treasury Corporation. This review found evidence consistent with community concerns about the quantity and quality of rehabilitation undertaken to date and highlighted the role of rehabilitation in managing the State’s financial and environmental risks.

The Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland discussion paper presents a proposed mine rehabilitation policy stating the Government’s commitment to ensuring mined land is rehabilitated progressively over the life of the mine, resulting in land that is able to support another use – such as grazing, agriculture, ecosystem services or infrastructure.

The proposed rehabilitation policy is a key component of an integrated mined land management framework, which also includes six delivery elements:

  • introducing life-of-mine plans for site-specific mines
  • regular monitoring, assessment and reporting
  • enforceable requirements for progressive rehabilitation
  • clear completion and signoff requirements
  • incentives for good performance
  • good quality data for policy and regulatory implementation.

The proposed policy gives greater clarity to the mining sector about expectations for achieving rehabilitation throughout the life of a mine and transparency for the community. The integrated mined land framework establishes a path to improve rehabilitation outcomes in Queensland.

Providing feedback

To have your say on the proposed policy and framework for better mine rehabilitation, read the Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland discussion paper (PDF 4,425 K) and complete the survey or provide a submission by one of the following options by 5pm Thursday, 15 June 2017:


Financial Assurance Review
Queensland Treasury
PO Box 15216
City East Qld 4002

This discussion paper is one of a series of discussion papers that the Queensland Government is developing and releasing to address the recommendations of the QTC Review.

Last updated: 3 October 2017