Projects & initiatives

Queensland Treasury’s focus, in partnership with infrastructure delivery agencies, is on pursuing opportunities to deliver on the infrastructure needs of Queensland in partnership with the private sector.

While investment in infrastructure is vital, it’s also essential to make sure that any investment of public funds minimises risk and cost to government while maximising outcomes for Queensland. It is part of Treasury’s responsibilities to ensure Queensland’s finances are properly managed.

About Treasury Commercial Group

Artist’s impression of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, and Herston Quarter

Artist’s impression of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, and Herston Quarter

Treasury Commercial Group aims to enhance the infrastructure-delivery capability of the Queensland Government, ensuring public needs are met while optimising value for money for government expenditure.

Treasury Commercial Group has governance oversight for the delivery of privately financed projects by agencies (including public private partnerships) to ensure achievement of contracted value for money outcomes.

It also leads the procurement stage of privately financed major public infrastructure and service projects on behalf of Queensland Government agencies.

Treasury Commercial Group does this by undertaking best-practice procurement processes, which reduce project development time and costs, and by engaging the private sector to invest in the state’s infrastructure through public-private partnerships.

The Treasury Commercial Group also works closely with Building Queensland in the early assessment and business case development stages of projects to assess opportunities for private financing and innovative private sector engagement in infrastructure proposals.

As the Queensland Government’s representative on the COAG Infrastructure Finance PPP working group, the team’s work is guided by the National PPP Policy Framework and Project Assessment Framework.

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National Public Private Partnership Policy Framework

The Queensland Government follows the National Public Private Partnership Policy endorsed by the Council of Australia Governments in 2008.

Infrastructure Australia, a business unit of the Australian Government, provides comprehensive guidance on the national framework, including guidelines for practitioners, methodologies, specific jurisdictional requirements and commercial principles.

This material provides a clear framework for Queensland and the Australian Government to achieve maximum results from private sector involvement in major infrastructure delivery.

Project Assessment Framework

Keeping major projects on track is critical to obtain maximum value for money for the Government’s investment, and to deliver the services Queenslanders need.

Queensland’s Project Assessment Framework (PAF) is used across government to ensure a common, rigorous approach to assessing projects at critical stages in their lifecycle, from the initial assessment of the service required, through to delivery. The PAF’s application is not limited to infrastructure projects or public private partnership (PPP) projects.

At each stage of a project, the project’s progress and quality is assessed to ensure that the project (and associated investment) meets strategic objectives and achieves value for money. Once a project ‘clears’ a particular stage, it can progress to the next.

Treasury Commercial Group manages the Project Assessment Framework and works with agencies to ensure consistent application.

Evaluating Market-Led Proposals

Treasury Commercial Group provides secretariat support to the Government Panel that assesses market-led proposals, in line with the criteria set out in the Market-Led Proposals Guidelines.

Treasury Commercial Group is also responsible for managing a number of publications and resources relevant to the private sector and agencies.