Base-load coal fired power station
A production facility that uses coal (a non-renewable source) to meet a region's continuous energy demand, and produce energy at a constant rate, usually at a low cost relative to other production facilities available to the system.
Council of Australian Governments (COAG)
The peak intergovernmental forum in Australia comprising the Prime Minister, state premiers, territory chief ministers and the President of the Australian Local Government Association.
Economic modelling
Application of a formal logical and quantitative framework for analysing economic issues, projections or policy options.
First Home Owner Grant
A Federal Government grant administered in Queensland by Queensland Treasury which is designed to reduce the cost of purchasing a first home. The Regional First Home Owner Grant is an additional $4,000 for first homebuyers in areas outside South East Queensland.
Government-owned corporation
Government-owned trading enterprises which conduct activities and provide services in a commercially orientated environment.
Land tax
A State tax on freehold land assessed on the taxable value of an owner's total land holdings.
Motor Accident Insurance Commission
A statutory authority responsible for the ongoing management of Queensland's compulsory third party scheme.
The Office of State Revenue's revenue management system which enables clients to self assess and pay taxes online.
Payroll tax
A State tax that needs to be paid if a company pays more than $1 million per year in taxable wages.
Queensland Future Growth Corporation
A statutory body that administers the Queensland Future Growth Fund, which provides funding for initiatives, infrastructure and other projects which benefit Queensland.
Queensland Treasury Corporation
Queensland's central financing authority and provider of corporate treasury services. QTC provides cost-effective debt funding, financial and risk management services, and short- to medium-term investment facilities to Queensland's public sector organisations.
Service Delivery Statement
Budget Papers prepared on a portfolio basis by individual agencies reporting to each Minister and the Speaker and which set out the priorities, plans and financial statements of those agencies.
Toward Q2: Tomorrow's Queensland
The Government's plan to build and maintain a strong, smart, green, healthy and fair Queensland that addresses current and future challenges for Queensland.
Vertically integrated retailer
One that controls all stages of production – from raw materials to final product.