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The Consolidated Fund Financial Report contains particulars of transactions and balances of the Consolidated Fund and details of collections from, and appropriation paid to, each Department (including adjustments to original appropriation). The most recent report is the Consolidated Fund Financial Report 2022-23.

The 2021-22 Report on State Finances was tabled by the Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick on 25 October 2022.

The 2021-22 Report on State Finances incorporates both the Outcomes Report prepared on a Uniform Presentation Framework (UPF) basis and the AASB1049 Financial Statements prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards, providing a comprehensive view of the financial operations and position of the Queensland Government.

Qld Treasury commissioned a report to demonstrate the effect of recent government actions on electricity bills. ACIL Allen estimated these actions could save a typical household $210 in 2018/19. The scope of this report does not include announcements under the Affordable Energy Plan.