Analysis and evaluation of administered and controlled financial statements

In 2009-10, Treasury administered $25.33 billion of revenue and $4.299 billion of expenses on behalf of the State. This excludes administered item revenue which is appropriation revenue received from the Consolidated Fund to meet administered expenses. The largest single source of administered revenue was Commonwealth grants of $16.717 billion, followed by State taxes, fees, fines and levies of $8.465 billion.

State taxes, fees, fines and levies comprised principally payroll tax and duties of $6.33 billion. Taxes were also collected from gaming operators comprising mainly gaming machine tax of $517.2 million.

The main component of Commonwealth revenues was Queensland’s share of goods and services tax. Other Commonwealth revenue included National Agreement funding for health, education, skills and workforce development, housing and disability services, and National Partnership Agreements for health, education, housing and infrastructure.

Treasury administered a number of grants on behalf of the State in 2009-10 including the First Home Owner Grant ($379.5 million), comprised of the State Government’s First Home Owner Grant and the Commonwealth Government’s First Home Owner Boost.

Treasury’s controlled revenues consist principally of Parliamentary appropriations. In 2009-10 revenue allocated to outputs was $160.12 million (2008-09 $132.39 million). The increase in output revenue is due predominantly to the commencement of the Commercial Transactions Team. Partially offsetting this is the machinery-of-Government transfer of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation in 2008-09.