Financial position in detail

This financial summary provides an overview of our financial performance for 2009-10.

Treasury’s financial statements fall into two categories:

  • administered, which report on the funds which Treasury administers on behalf of the Queensland Government in its role as the State’s financial manager, and
  • controlled, which disclose the revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities used to conduct Treasury Department business.

2009-10 Statement of Assurance

The Financial Accountability Act 2009 requires each department’s Chief Finance Officer to provide an annual Statement of Assurance to their accountable officer (Chief Executive). This statement includes assurances of the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the department’s financial operations and governance. Treasury’s 2009-10 Statement of Assurance satisfied all requirements of section 57 of the Financial Performance and Management Standard 2009, and has been provided to the Under Treasurer. It indicated no deficiencies or breakdowns in internal controls which would impact adversely on the department’s financial governance or financial statements for the year.