Improving quality of life for families

Treasury understands that flexible work options help reduce absenteeism, turnover, and knowledge and skills loss. We are committed to helping employees balance work and family commitments through a range of flexible work arrangements and policies. These practices allow our people to meet work and family goals while allowing us to meet our business goals.

We help our people achieve balance between work, family and lifestyle by supporting part-time employment, telecommuting, extra leave for proportionate salary, job sharing, special leave without pay, accumulated (flexible) time and special responsibility leave for caring purposes.

In Treasury, managers and employees work together to ensure:

  • employees are supported in balancing work and family responsibilities
  • flexible work practices are available and implemented in a fair and reasonable way that considers business needs and outcomes
  • requests for flexible work practices options are assessed and managed on a case-by-case basis and reviewed at regular intervals.

Treasury’s Paid Parental Leave Policy provides eligible employees with 14 weeks paid parental leave and the ability to take up to two years parental leave. Our policy allows for an employee returning to work after parental leave to work on a part-time basis until their child is of school age.